The new standard in Scent Control

ZEOMAX™ is a fusion of an antimicrobial silver solution and synthetic Zeolites. This combination is designed to help reduce bacteria and to help absorb human odor and scent.

  • No activation or special washing required
  • Assists in reducing human odor & scent
  • Antimicrobial Silver Solution with Synthetic Zeolites

How does Zeomax Work?

Silver & Zeolite Fusion

ZEOMAX works by combining an antimicrobial silver solution, which helps reduce bacteria, with synthetic zeolites, aiding in absorbing human odor and scent. This silver and zeolite fusion creates a powerful and effective scent control system.

Illustration depicting silver ions in the micropores of the zeolite matrix

Why Silver and Zeolites?


Silver is one of the oldest natural ingredients used by man to help reduce bacteria. Silver-based eye drops have been put into newborn's eyes to help prevent infections and silver canteens have been used by the military as far back as WWI to help keep bacteria out of the water. The neutralizing agents in silver helps reduce bacteria which in turn helps reduce odor.


Zeolites are a porous sponge-like matrix that occur naturally when molten lava and saltwater react. This is one of the few negative charge minerals known to man. Our synthetic zeolites carry the same natural honeycomb structure that acts as a filter for odor and scent.

Zeomax™ Care Instructions

ZEOMAX™ technology is built into the garment during the fabric making process and requires no special care or dryer activation to be effective. Simply machine wash your apparel to recharge your ZEOMAX™.