Antimicrobial Technology For Proactive Results

SCENTINHIBITOR™ technology provides protection against body odor, with less weight than carbon.

Our antimicrobial silver solution is the answer to helping cut down on body
odors that can hinder your performance. SCENTINHIBITOR™ provides long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

  • No activation or special
    washing required
  • Assists in reducing human
    scent & body odor
  • Powerful and affordable scent reduction solution

How does ScentInhibitor™ Work?

Silver nanoparticles are paired with the fabric during the garment making process. These antimicrobial silver particles are used to help control microorganisms, while avoiding many of the negative side effects of other chemical treatments used on the market today.

Why Silver Antimicrobial?

Our antimicrobial treatment is different from an open cell structure, or absorber that must be maintained and cleaned. With this treatment, we are reducing the amount of impact that odor causing bacteria can have on the fibers of the garment. This antimicrobial barrier helps fight off the penetration of sweat and bacteria which can become embed into your garment and cause unwanted body odors that are not only detrimental to your performance, but hard to get rid of.

ScentInhibitor Care Instructions

This antimicrobial solutions is applied to the garments fabric and requires no activation or special care. While being machine washable on gentle cycles, the best care is to wash as little as possible and enjoy your garments in the field where they belong.